Will schools be closed on April 8th due to solar eclipse?

2 months ago

Will schools be closed on April 8, 2024 for the solar eclipse? Yes, schools in the Rochester region will be closed on the day of the eclipse.

The eclipse is scheduled to occur on the Monday following a week-long spring break in Rochester, coinciding with the time when most classes are typically dismissed for the day.

Consequently, most Rochester area school districts have chosen to extend their spring break by a day and have canceled classes on April 8.

Brighton Central School District had initially planned a half-day for students on April 8 but tweaked the school calendar to cancel classes on the day of the eclipse. Until this change, Brighton was the lone Monroe County public school district that asked students and staff to report on April 8 for instruction.

Mary Grow, East Irondequoit’s Superintendent and president of Monroe County’s Council of Superintendents, explained that state officials in 2023 raised concerns about the potential impact of the eclipse on the school day, particularly regarding expected heavy traffic around dismissal time.

The decision to cancel classes was ultimately left to each district, and nearly every school district in the nine-county region has opted to do so.

Where are the best places to see the 2024 eclipse?

The best places to witness the eclipse in Rochester include open parks or waterfront areas with unobstructed views of the sky. Here are some ideal locations for experiencing the celestial event in our area.

The Rochester Museum & Science Center on East Avenue is also hosting a Roc the Eclipse Festival.

Be Careful, Kids:Looking at the sun in an eclipse will fry your eyes painfully. Take it from someone who knows
• The campus at the State University College at Brockport

You can also watch the eclipse online.

NASA and other organizations will create a link for live eclipse viewing closer to the event.…Read more by Victoria E. Freile


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