South Park: 5 must-see episodes of the series

2 months ago

We don’t introduce them anymore. 27 years after their creation, Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kyl Broflovski, Kenny McCormick and all the other protagonists of the series South Park (available on Paramount+ in France) have become legendary. The series launched by Trey Parker and Matt Stone already has 26 seasons, 325 episodes, a film and six TV films to its credit. Let’s take advantage of the weekend to look back on five notable episodes of this saga.

It all starts when Stan takes a personality test offered by Scientologists. He then learns that he suffers from depression, and, for this reason, that he is the ideal candidate to join the sect. However, he will have to make a first payment of 240 dollars.

By passing new tests, Scientologists are convinced: the child is the reincarnation of Ron Hubbard, founder of the movement. This cringeworthy episode notably highlights Hollywood personalities who have decided to join Scientology: Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

South Parkis interested here in social networks and in particular Facebook. Stan ends up agreeing to register on the social network after experiencing intense social pressure. This is not enough for those around him who then criticize him for his too little participation. He then wants to unsubscribe from the service, and it’s almost impossible.

Broadcast at the beginning of the 2010s, this episode makes us a little nostalgic for this period at the beginning of social networks where everyone started without really knowing where they were going or mastering the codes of what was then called Web 2.0.

Black Friday is coming to South Park. This year, the head of security does not want to be surprised and he reminds his men that customers have died during this commercial event in the past. While the store will offer promotions of 80% to the first 30 visitors, we can legitimately fear the worst.

This is the start of this trilogy mythical episodes where console manufacturers Sony and Microsoft wage a mind-blowing war. We appreciate in passing this homage to a famous battle of Game of Thrones.

While most of the kids in South Park have started playing World of Warcraft, Randy Marsh, Stan’s father, is taking his turn and he can’t stop. At the same time, a player named Jenkins disgusts most gamers by killing everyone he meets. He spoils the atmosphere and prevents players from completing their quests.

Even the Blizzard studio can do nothing against this unbeatable executioner. But Cartman and his friends are determined to take him down. So they spend all their days in the game to defeat Jenkins. We’ll let you discover the rest of this hilarious adventure.

South Parkis interested here in politics and in particular in the American presidential election of 2016. Mr. Garrison, who was not really destined for this, decides to launch a campaign. And the parody of Donald Trump is thinly veiled here. The series succeeds in showing the inanity of the Republican who despite everything managed to win the bet. In certain aspects, this claimed billionaire puts Trey Parker and Matt Stone in difficulty as reality increasingly exceeds fiction.

Obviously, this selection remains subjective. For your part, have other episodes left an impression on you?? Tell us in the comments.…Read more by Teilor Stone


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