Lufthansa and cabin crew union reach a pay deal to end string of German aviation disputes

2 months ago

BERLIN (AP) — Lufthansa and a union representing cabin crew reached a pay deal Thursday, concluding the last of several major disputes that have led to recent strikes at Germany’s biggest airline and in the country’s wider aviation sector.

The UFO union said nearly 19,000 cabin crew will get a pay rise effectively totaling 17.4% in three stages under the three-year deal, plus a one-time payment of 3,000 euros ($3,240) per person to offset inflation. Some bonuses also will be increased.

The union, which originally sought a 15% increase over an 18-month period, will put the deal to a ballot of its members. Its deal with Lufthansa doesn’t include staff at two company subsidiaries, Cityline and Discover, where talks are ongoing.

Last month, the Ver.di union secured a pay raise totaling an average 12.5% over two years for some 25,000 Lufthansa ground staff following an arbitration process. There will be bigger raises for some lower earners.

Earlier this week, a separate dispute involving security staff at most major German airports and their employers was resolved. That deal, also reached after arbitration, foresees raises totaling 13.1% to 15.1% over 15 months.

All three disputes led to strikes in recent months that caused widespread flight cancelations.

The disruption was compounded by lengthy strikes caused by a simultaneous dispute between Germany’s main railway operator, Deutsche Bahn, and a union representing many of its train drivers. That was resolved last month with a deal that will see the working week of drivers and some other personnel reduced from 38 hours to 35 by 2029 without having their pay cut. They will have an option to work longer for more money.…Read more by AP


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