Video) US House Introduces Bipartisan H.Res 1148 Condemning Iranian Regime’s Terrorism and Supporting People’s Uprising

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The resolution sheds light on the role of Resistance Units in nationwide protests, particularly since 2022 despite the regime’s relentless crackdown on dissent.

PARIS, FRANCE, April 22, 2024 / / — The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) Foreign Affairs Committee in an article reported that on April 16, a significant bipartisan effort unfolded within the United States House of Representatives as House Resolution 1148 was introduced.Co-sponsored by 145 Representatives, this resolution stands as a firm condemnation of the Iranian regime’s multifaceted offenses, including acts of terrorism, fueling regional conflicts through proxy warfare, internal repression, and backing the Iranian Resistance, including the Ten-Point Plan advocated by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran.House Resolution 1148 elucidates the United States’ recognition of the heightened significance of addressing the pervasive chaos within the Middle East, particularly since the October 7, 2023, attacks. It underscores the profound concerns regarding Iran’s active promotion of Islamic fundamentalism and its support for terrorist groups and proxy entities across the region.House Resolution 1148 emphasizes the imperative for Western nations to hold the Iranian regime accountable for its actions, which incite violence, terror, and instability. It condemns Iran’s extensive support for proxies in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Gaza, and beyond, as well as its escalating aggression against American forces and global shipping lanes.Moreover, the resolution underscores the regime’s systematic suppression of internal dissent, exemplified by its ruthless crackdown on protests and its egregious human rights violations against ethnic and religious minorities.The resolution acknowledges the Iranian people’s rejection of monarchic dictatorship and religious tyranny, as evidenced by their protest slogans. It recognizes their desire for change by taking over from the IRGC and Supreme Leader’s centers of power.The resolution also sheds light on the role of Resistance Units in nationwide protests, particularly since 2022, despite the regime’s relentless crackdown on dissent.Moreover, it condemns the Iranian regime’s sham trials of veteran members of the Iranian Resistance in absentia, aimed at justifying terror plots and suppressing opposition voices.The resolution also emphasizes global support for the Ten-Point Plan for the Future of Iran put forward by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, advocating for universal rights, free elections, and a nonnuclear Republic of Iran.The resolution stresses the Iranian people’s inherent right to self-determination, as enshrined in international law, including the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.The resolution “calls on the United States Government, in cooperation with our ally Albania, to ensure the full protection of the Iranian political refugees in Camp Ashraf 3 in Albania against the Iranian regime’s plots and pressure and for them to benefit from all rights stipulated in the Geneva Convention 1951 and the European Convention on Human Rights, including the right to life, liberty, and security, and protection of property, as well as freedom of expression and assembly.”During this pivotal gathering, voices from both the Republican and Democratic camps resonated in unity, echoing support for the Iranian Resistance and the Iranian people’s ongoing struggle against the clerical regime.They underscored the urgent need to dismantle a regime that has sown seeds of conflict and devastation across the Middle East while subjecting its people to prolonged suffering and fear.In her speech, Mrs. Rajavi emphasized that the recent escalation in the Middle East proves that the head of the snake of warmongering is in Tehran. She stated that the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is using warmongering tactics to deflect attention from the dire state of affairs within Iran. Mrs. Rajavi also highlighted the regime’s recent failures, including its inability to quell social discontent despite attempts to manipulate the recent sham election.NCRI President-elect underscored the increasing resistance from Iranian citizens, particularly the youth, who have targeted regime facilities in protest. She also condemned Khamenei’s oppressive measures, such as intensifying repression of women and university students, and his declaration of proxy forces as a top priority.Mrs. Rajavi reiterated the Iranian Resistance’s call that the overthrow of this regime by the people of Iran and the Iranian Resistance is essential for peace in the region and to prevent the regime from obtaining an atomic bomb.Representative Randy Weber, the lead sponsor of H.Res 1148, emphasized the urgent need to end the decades-long reign of terror imposed by the clerical dictators in Tehran.He highlighted the recent direct attacks by the Iranian regime on Israel, labeling it as an outright act of war and emphasizing the timeliness of the bipartisan resolution. He commended the bipartisan effort behind the resolution, recognizing the unity between Republicans and Democrats in condemning the Iranian regime’s atrocities.The Representative underscored the Iranian people’s desire for freedom and democracy, noting their resilience in the face of oppression and their ongoing protests against the regime. He condemned Iran’s President Ebraham Raisi for his involvement in numerous atrocities, including the 1988 massacre and the suppression of dissent in 2019 and 2022.Rep. Weber expressed solidarity with the NCRI and Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, praising her leadership and determination. He reiterated the importance of supporting the Iranian people’s uprising and the Resistance Units within Iran to bring about regime change.Representative Brad Sherman underscored the imperative of establishing a secular, democratic, non-nuclear republic of Iran. Reminding the audience about the impressive 243 co-sponsors for the H.Res 100, Mr. Sherman emphasized the strong bipartisan support the Iranian Resistance has received in the 118th Congress.Mr. Sherman also shed light on the regime’s involvement with the Houthi rebels, highlighting how their actions, such as strangling the Red Sea, have resulted in dire consequences for food distribution in East Africa.He drew attention to the ripple effects, noting how increased food prices not only inconvenience consumers but also lead to starvation and death in regions like northern Ethiopia.The Democratic Congressman criticized the regime’s support for terrorist organizations, highlighting their role in destabilizing the region. He also reminded the regime’s grave human rights abuses, citing specific instances of executions and tragic deaths like that of Mahsa (Jina) Amini, whose story resonated globally.Looking ahead, Rep. Sherman expressed optimism about collaborating with colleagues and constituents toward the shared goal of a free, democratic Iran. He praised the Iranian people’s resilience and contributions and stressed the importance of fostering a future where Iran is a friend to the United States and a beacon of stability in the Middle East.Representative Tom McClintock reflected on the recent events of October 7th, describing them as a stark reminder of the brutality and inhumanity propagated by the Iranian regime.He condemned the regime’s increasing boldness and recklessness, noting its direct attacks on Israel as evidence of its dangerous agenda. He underscored the urgent need to support the Iranian people in their quest to overthrow the oppressive regime and establish a democratic, free, and prosperous Iran.The congressman highlighted the bipartisan support garnered for House Resolution 100, emphasizing the strong backing the Iranian Resistance receives from the American people. He praised the resolution’s call for holding the regime accountable and supporting the Ten-Point Plan for Iran’s future outlined by the Iranian Resistance.Rep. McClintock outlined two critical policies endorsed by former Secretary of State Michael Pompeo to aid the Iranian people: putting maximum pressure on the regime and providing political and moral support to the Iranian opposition. He criticized US President Biden’s actions, arguing that funding Iran indirectly supports terrorist operations against innocent civilians.Representative Danny Davis delivered an impassioned speech, drawing inspiration from the words of Frederick Douglass and the teachings of his Baptist faith. He emphasized the importance of struggle as a prerequisite for progress and change, likening it to the faith and perseverance required in times of trouble.Rep Davis commended the supporters and members of the Iranian Resistance for their dedication to the struggle for freedom and independence, noting their willingness to sacrifice and endure challenges.Referencing his own experiences, the Congressman expressed admiration for the attendees’ unwavering determination and highlighted the significance of their collective efforts. He recounted a powerful NCRI gathering outside of Paris, where thousands gathered with fervor to listen and contribute to the cause of freedom.In closing, Representative Davis reiterated his support for the Iranian Resistance’s endeavors, applauding their tenacity and conviction. He expressed confidence that their perseverance would ultimately lead to victory, invoking the iconic words “free at last” to symbolize the triumph of their struggle.Representative Lance Gooden emphasized the solidarity of the United States Congress with the Iranian people and condemned the oppressive actions of the Iranian regime.He specifically highlighted the plight of residents of Ashraf 3 in Albania, acknowledging their resilience in the face of persecution and sham trials orchestrated by the regime. He reaffirmed his commitment to fighting for their rights and advocated for international solidarity in standing up to the regime’s abuses.The congressman shared his personal experiences visiting Ashraf 3 and meeting with Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, expressing admiration for her leadership and endorsing her Ten-Point Plan for peace and security in Iran. Mr. Gooden emphasized the importance of supporting the younger generation in Iran, encouraging them to continue their fight against the regime and strive for positive change in their country.In his remarks, Representative Steve Cohen expressed his support for H.Res 1148, emphasizing the recent actions of the Iranian regime in the Middle East as indicative of the regime’s aggressive and reckless behavior in the region.Mr. Cohen highlighted Tehran’s aspirations to exert influence and impose its ideology on neighboring countries, drawing parallels between the regime’s goals and those of Russian President Putin in Europe.Proud to stand with those advocating for a free and independent Iran, the Congressman reiterated the importance of a non-nuclear Iran that respects democratic principles and human rights. He commended the Iranian-American community for their unwavering support in the fight for democracy and emphasized the need to hold the regime accountable for its actions.Representative Pete Sessions highlighted the collaborative efforts of Republicans and Democrats in addressing the challenges posed by the Iranian regime, stressing the significance of unity in overcoming these obstacles. He commended the dedication of those advocating for change in Iran and encouraged continued engagement with members of Congress to raise awareness and garner support for the cause.Acknowledging the sacrifices made by both the Iranian people and those fighting for their rights, Sessions underscored the commitment to holding the Iranian leadership accountable for their actions. He condemned their attempts to destabilize the world and suppress basic human rights, pledging to ensure that they face consequences for their crimes.Representative Don Bacon emphasized the importance of distinguishing between the Iranian regime and the Iranian people, highlighting the regime’s oppressive nature and its role as an enemy to both the Iranian people and the United States.Mr. Bacon underscored the need for a clear-eyed approach in dealing with the Iranian regime, advocating for stringent economic sanctions to weaken its grip and curb its support for terrorism. He urged for continued pressure on the regime and emphasized the importance of working with allies to counter its influence in the region.The congressman outlined a vision of a future Iran that is democratic, secular, and free from nuclear weapons, envisioning a day when Iran can live in peace with its neighbors. He expressed hope for a future friendship between the United States and Iran, acknowledging the contributions of Iranian Americans to the diversity and strength of the nation.If you wish to receive the NCRI weekly Newsletter, please use the following link to subscribe:

Resolution 1148 elucidates the United States’ recognition of the heightened significance of addressing the pervasive chaos within the Middle East after Oct.7.…Read more by EIN News


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