How should the Celtics re-integrate Porzingis after his injury?

4 weeks ago

Kristaps Porzingis’ injury has put the Boston Celtics in a difficult situation. The veteran big man is a core part of Joe Mazzulla’s rotation and one of the most important pieces to the team’s style of play. However, he could miss multiple weeks as he recovers from a right soleus strain he suffered against the Miami Heat.

In the latest episode of ESPN’s NBA Today, insiders Adrian Wojnarowski and Zach Lowe joined host Malika Andrews to discuss how the Celtics should move forward with Porzingis once he is cleared to play. One of the options discussed was to play it slow, and slowly re-integrate him back into the rotation, ensuring not to re-aggrevate the injury and potentiall risk him beind sidelined for the rest of the playoffs.

Whatever the Celtics decide to do, they will undoubtedly need to be careful with how they utilize Porzingis. He has proven himself to be incredibly versatile and important to the franchise’s chances of success.

You can watch the full discussion by clicking on the embedded video above.

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