Basketball-sized chunk of ice falls from sky and kills family’s goat

1 month ago

EAGLE MOUNTAIN, Utah (KUTV) – A chunk of ice fell from the sky and killed a family’s goat in Utah.

It also left her animals in chaos.

“The roosters were freaking out. The horses were going crazy,” Lewis added.

When she ran outside, she saw the hole ripped into the shed, chunks of ice scattered around and a maimed goat.

Her mind couldn’t make sense of what happened.

“Just confused by what had happened, so I did call the sheriff out,” Lewis, the owner of the goat, said.

The sheriff then told her the only reasonable source of the ice would be a passing plane.

“He just said that we’re below a flight path and it could have been ice from an airplane, which I had no idea that could have happened,” Lewis said.

Her own research and calls to the airport left her convinced it’s the only explanation that it would happen to crash through a shed and kill an animal.

Lewis thinks the odds are 1 in a million.

“We were just unlucky apparently to have it hit us,” Lewis said.

Lewis is glad it wasn’t her home or her children that were endangered.

“Honestly, every time I hear a plane go by, I’m thinking, ‘Do I need to?’ Like, it’s made me a little bit nervous about it happening again,” Lewis remarked.

Lewis said the Federal Aviation Administration is investigating exactly which flight the ice may have fallen from.…Read more by KUTV via CNN Newsource


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