Arrest Made in Anjali Ambigera Murder Case: Suspect Injured In Capture – News Karnataka

4 weeks ago

Police Commissioner Renuka Sukumar of Hubbali-Dharwad announced the arrest of the prime suspect, Vishwa alias Girish Sawant, in the brutal murder of Anjali Ambigera. Sawant was apprehended in Davangere late Thursday night after attempting to flee from Mysuru via the Goa-Maharashtra train. However, his escape was short-lived as he fell from the moving train around 11:30 PM, sustaining serious injuries.

Railway Police swiftly transported Sawant to Chigateri Hospital in Davangere for urgent medical attention. Subsequently, Davangere police identified the injured suspect and notified their counterparts in Hubbali. The Hubbali police took custody of Sawant at approximately 4:30 AM and admitted him to a local hospital for treatment.

Reports suggest that Sawant may have faced assault from a fellow passenger during his journey, possibly contributing to his fall from the train. However, official details regarding the circumstances leading to the incident remain undisclosed.

Commissioner Sukumar highlighted Sawant’s current inability to provide a statement due to severe head and facial injuries sustained during the fall. The arrest comes in connection with the brutal stabbing of Anjali Ambigera in Hubbali, allegedly perpetrated by Sawant, who is said to have targeted her for rejecting his love proposal.…Read more by


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