Hon. Monica Musenero to guest the GITEX Africa in Morocco

4 weeks ago

Hon. Monica Musenero Masanza, the Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation, will be attending the GITEX Africa in Marrakech, Morocco —joining an array of distinguished Ministers and delegates from various African and Middle East countries, including Benin, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Egypt, Ghana, Kingdom of Eswatini, Kingdom of Malawi, Mauritania, Morocco, Republic of Cape Verde, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The panel will discuss “Bridging the Gap: Building a Unified Digital Africa” —engaging in high-level discussions, and exploring innovative solutions to overcome common challenges and achieve a unified digital front. Hon. Musenero is expected to contribute valuable insights and strategies to the dialogue —on how African nations can collectively harness digital technologies to drive economic growth and social development.

We reached out to the Minister for a comment but unfortunately, we could not get one.

The presence of Hon. Musenero at GITEX Africa underscores Uganda’s commitment to advancing its digital landscape. It reflects the country’s strategic priorities in leveraging Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) to propel development. Thus, for Uganda, her involvement at GITEX Africa is a significant step

Meanwhile, remarkable startups and companies will seize this opportunity to showcase their groundbreaking innovative solutions. They are at the forefront of technological innovation, demonstrating Uganda’s burgeoning talent in sectors such as fintech, agritech, healthtech, and more. Their participation highlights the country’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and its potential to contribute significantly to the continent’s digital future.

Moreover, GITEX Africa provides a platform for these innovators to gain exposure, attract investments, and forge partnerships that can scale their solutions to wider markets.


GITEX Africa highlights the importance of collaborative efforts among African nations and underscores the potential of digital technologies to drive sustainable development across the continent. As ministers, delegates, tech enthusiasts, policymakers, and innovators converge in Marrakech, Morocco, the stage is set for a future where Africa stands united and strong in the digital era.

As the digital age continues to evolve, events like GITEX Africa become increasingly critical. They provide a necessary forum for stakeholders to align their visions and efforts, ensuring that Africa does not just keep pace with global technological advancements but also becomes a leader in certain domains.

GITEX Africa will take place from 29-31, May at the Place Bab Jdid, Blvd Yarmouk in Marrakech, Morocco.…Read more by Joan Banura


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