Police warning over fake taxis in Exeter

3 weeks ago

Police have issued a warning about fake taxis in Exeter. Exeter Police said it “is aware of people posing as taxi drivers and using fake props to make their vehicle appear like a legitimate taxi”. The force shared its warning ahead of the bank holiday and reminded people of the ways they can check if a taxi was genuine. A spokesperson said if a person has any doubts at all, they should get out of the vehicle.

Officers recommended always taking a photograph of the vehicle registration number and sending to a friend or family member before setting off. “A real taxi driver won’t mind you doing this,” they said. Exeter City Council Hackney Carriages and Private Hire are all licenced and display this on an internal and external plate, while the drivers carry in date photo identity documents as well. Police said all registered and legitimate taxis are five-door vehicles.

A spokesperson said: “If you have to fold over the passenger seat to get into the vehicle, stop, leave the vehicle and book yourself a genuine taxi. “If you have any concerns, please leave the taxi immediately. Call 999 if you need to report a crime or suspicious activity.”…Read more by Lisa Young


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