Multi-Protocol Communication Systems Deliver a Richer User Experience

2 weeks ago

There’s a clear trend in wireless standards toward delivering increased wireless performance, higher bandwidths and lower latencies. This is important not only for raw speed but also in support of the rapidly growing number of devices that want to connect through different protocols, say in a smart home: smart speakers and TVs, thermostats, robot vacuums, smart window blinds, smart ovens and refrigerators, video doorbells, this list is endless. Equally we don’t want to be tethered to our phones. Who carries their phone everywhere at home? If I’m listening to Spotify® through my wireless earbuds then need to go to another room, why not have Wi-Fi pick up the stream when I’m out of range of my phone Bluetooth connection? UWB adds precise positioning for a “find my X”, among other possibilities. Consumer and industrial product builders see blossoming opportunity and are demanding multi-protocol options in support of their vision of a seamless wireless communication systems experience.

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