Azzera to provide carbon credits to P&WC operators and launches SAF software module

2 weeks ago

Business aviation sustainability solutions provider Azzera has been selected to provide CORSIA-compliant carbon credits for Pratt & Whitney Canada’s (P&WC) Carbon Offset Service, which is available to operators of all aircraft powered by the manufacturer’s engines, including business jets, helicopters and regional and general aviation aircraft. Under the arrangement, Azzera says it will supply a portfolio of high-quality carbon credits rated through the company’s Impact Score, a quality assurance system based on official project registries such as Verra, Gold Standard and American Carbon Registry, and a proprietary rating system. Azzera has also added what it claims is an industry-first sustainable aviation fuel management module to its CELESTE software platform that enables aircraft operators to manage and track their SAF uplift and assess its contribution to emissions reduction. Both SAF uplift and book-and-claim are trackable through the functionality.

P&WC’s Carbon Offset Service is a flexible add-on to its Eagle Service Plan or Fleet Management Program engine maintenance agreements and aims to offer customers a straightforward way to offset the carbon footprint caused by the use of their aircraft.

Azzera says its Impact Score addresses concerns about the voluntary carbon markets regarding the validity and impact of carbon credits, “offering a tangible and auditable metric that mitigates the risk of greenwashing.”

Explained Puja Mahajan, the company’s CEO and co-founder: “The Azzera Impact Score ensures that the carbon credits provided are both high-quality and have verified and significant environmental impact. Working with customers such as Pratt & Whitney Canada, we are making it easier for aircraft operators to not only offset their emissions but also to understand and quantify the positive environmental impact of their contributions.”

Responded Irene Makris, VP Customer Service, Pratt & Whitney Canada: “We are committed to providing our customers a seamless way of offsetting aviation carbon emissions. Through our arrangement with Azzera, we provide our customers with a means to compensate for their aviation emissions and help them ensure the quality of their sustainability investment. We are focusing exclusively on CORSIA-eligible credits, adding an additional layer of due diligence to our Carbon Offset Service.”

Since its inception in May 2022, Azzera says it has facilitated the compensation of over 55,000 tonnes of carbon credits directly or indirectly through its advisory role, tracked 97,300 flights and measured more than 1.2 million tonnes of emissions, representing 6% of business aviation’s total carbon footprint.

The new SAF module aims to boost CELESTE’s emissions data collection and reporting capability, says the company. The digital platform integrates with flight scheduling software to access and process data for real-time emissions calculations. To simplify the calculations, emissions are segregated by carbon compliance market, including CORSIA and emissions trading systems such as the EU ETS, UK ETS and CH ETS. Beyond segregating emissions, the SAF module also allocates SAF uptake to specific missions, better preparing operators for the forthcoming ReFuelEU aviation mandates, which from 2025 requires all aviation fuel provided at EU airports to contain a minimum fraction of SAF.

“The European business aviation fleet makes up about 15% of the world’s total and the vast majority of Europe’s operators are counting emissions – the mandates are driving this – and increasingly operators worldwide are voluntarily monitoring emissions too,” said Mahajan.

With the SAF data stored in a single module, CELESTE users can optimise the system to increase visibility around their use of SAF as the module tracks where the SAF is purchased, how much is uplifted and which routes were flown. In addition, the system also facilitates SAF book-and-claim transactions for business aviation clients, aggregates SAF demand and provides SAF certificates directly to the operator on its platform interface.…Read more by Christopher Surgenor


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