’24 Apple Person of the Year Nominations and Lab-Grown Meat Opposition

5 days ago

’24 Apple Person of the Year Nominations and Lab-Grown Meat Opposition

From the Ag Information Network, this is your Agribusiness Update.

**The Packer is calling for nominations for the 2024 Apple Person of the Year.

The award will be presented at the U.S. Apple Association’s 2024 Apple Crop Outlook and Marketing Conference, August 14-16 in Chicago.

The award, first presented by The Packer in 1964, recognizes an individual who has shown leadership and commitment to the advancement of the apple industry.

**The Center for the Environment and Welfare released new polling that finds a majority of Republicans, Democrats, AND Independents support legislation mandating “lab-grown meat” labeling and other restrictions.

legislation to restrict the sale of lab-grown meat.

Florida and Alabama have already banned the sale and manufacturing of the product.

**John Deere, the world’s top seller of farm machinery, will cut an unknown number of employees from its global production and salaried workforce.

That’s according to a letter sent to employees that was seen by Bloomberg.

Farm Policy News from the University of Illinois says the company faces rising operational costs and dropping demand.

The announced layoffs will add to the more than 650 employees already scheduled for layoffs at Deere.…Read more by


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